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The black daisy company presents a unique concept in jewellery assembly which allows you to combine individual link elements to create a stunning designer look. This unique (Patented) mechanism allows you to expand or change the way you wear your jewellery as the mood takes you.

All designs are presented in Sterling 925 Silver and provide endless ‘collectables’ and gift ideas.  From bracelets to chokers or pendants, you can design your jewellery item by simply re-arranging your collection of links, selecting your favourite gemstones and threading them your own way! With the choice of metal finishes and gemstone settings available, you can create a look that suits you.  So buy it once - have it all!

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It’s child’s play...

Simply start with the black daisy Key NoI link (the first element required).  Hold the end loop in your hand and simply thread a subsequent link element from above into the end loop of your Key NoI and rotate into position (with motif facing upwards).  Now hold the end loop of the newly threaded element and continue threading until you have reached the desired length (as shown below).

The Key NoI features an inherent closing mechanism comprised of a back-plate which has a longer extension on one side than the other.  To close your chain, first slot the longer side of the back-plate through the end loop of your final threaded link element. Swivel into position, ie ensuring the entire closing mechanism back-plate is completely inserted through, and resting under, the final end loop.

To secure your chain, simply attach your Safety Tag (essential) into the final end loop (ie the loop into which the Key NoI back-plate has been inserted). This will prevent the closed chain from inadvertently opening.

.... a pastime you’ll never grow out of ....!

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Although Collections are illustrated in 925 Sterling Silver, all items can be customised on an individual quotation basis, to be presented in Gold, Platinum and Palladium.  To view the black daisy company jewellery collection please click here

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the black daisy company presents unique gifts for all your special occasions: Sweet 16, 18th or 21st Birthday,  Valentine surprise, Milestone Anniversary,  A Very Happy Christmas,  The Big Day (Wedding Brides & Bridesmaids), loving friendships, or just to make your very own fashion statement.

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