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the black daisy company® jewellery is individually created and custom made according to the specific requirements of our clients.  Hence, a minimum period of 21 days is required to produce and dispatch individual orders.  With gemstone items, if we anticipate delays in sourcing specific stones, we will advise you directly.

At the time of placing your order, you will be required to confirm that you have read and agree with these Terms & Conditions.  It is your responsibility to ensure your comprehension of what is stated herein.


We are happy to assist you with any difficulties you may encounter or to clarify any queries you may have.   We can be contacted via e-mail: blackdaisyco@btinternet.com or directly by phone: ++44 (0)7425 15 63 42


It is your responsibility to provide us with an accurate delivery address to ensure your items can be safely received and signed for upon delivery.  Items dispatched within the United Kingdom are usually sent via Royal Mail Special Delivery (which comprises a “track & trace” and “signed for” facility) or via Royal Mail Airsure® for overseas orders. This ensures safe and efficient delivery of your order.  Any post dispatch delays will be the responsibility of the Royal Mail (or other Courier Service).   If goods remain undelivered 21 days after placing your order, you must notify us directly by e-mail: blackdaisyco@btinternet.com or by phone: ++44 (0)7425 15 63 42

Please Note: If your package shows obvious signs of mishandling or damage upon arrival, we would strongly advise that you photograph the package before opening it.  If you then discover the contents have also incurred damage, we would require photographic evidence to clearly indicate the damage (see Returns Policy, Point 4).


Due to the bespoke nature of our designs the black daisy company® cannot offer a product refund. the black daisy company® undertake the highest quality assurance checks as well as ensuring the correct items are dispatched to you.  However, we do accept there may be occasions when returns are necessary, hence we offer an exchange/repair policy under the following circumstances:

1. You have received an incorrect item.  If it established that the black daisy company® has sent you an incorrect item, we will of course replace this free of charge.

2. You have ordered the wrong article.  Due to the bespoke nature of our jewellery, the black daisy company® will only be able to review your claim with respect to standard Sterling silver items (ie not gem set items).  If we then mutually agree that a genuine error has occurred, we will undertake to make an exchange for the correct items.

3. Items are proven to be faulty upon arrival.  If it is established that the black daisy company® has sent you a faulty item, we will make all reasonable effort to repair or replace the item; extending to all (including gem-set) items in the collection.

4. Items have been damaged in transit.  the black daisy company® cannot be held responsible for mishandling and/or damage incurred during transit. Compensation can however be pursued from the Carriers if sufficient evidence is made available to us.  In this instance items must be returned to us together with the original (damaged) packaging to help us provide additional evidence along with full written details and photographic evidence from you to substantiate any such claim.  Upon successful processing of this claim, we will then replace damaged items.  We cannot take responsibility for any unsuccessful claims.

5. Items have been lost in transit.  If your order fails to arrive 21 days after your order has been placed, you must notify us immediately.  the black daisy company® will always dispatch items via a tracked delivery system, so we would therefore investigate the current status of your order through the Royal Mail (or other Carrier).  If it is confirmed that your order is indeed lost, we will then pursue a claim for compensation and upon successful resolution, proceed to replace your item.

In all instances, with the exception of Point 5 above, you will need to contact the black daisy company® within 7 working days of receipt of your order, where we will deal with your concerns on a case by case basis.  If you fail to notify us within this time frame, the black daisy company® can accept no further obligation towards you.

Following notification, we will advise you of the next steps you need to take.  Should we agree to further process your claim, your order must then be returned to us within 14 working days in the same unaltered condition as received, along with all packaging. Please DO NOT attempt to undertake any repairs yourself, as this would invalidate your claim.  Your items should be returned, via a secure and traceable delivery service.  Proof of postage will be required.  

the black daisy company® will then inspect your returned item(s) to verify the following:

- that your claim falls within the criteria outlined in Points 1 to 4 above

- that your order was not tampered with after it was delivered to you

If we are satisfied that these conditions have been met, we will then proceed to repair or replace your order.

In the case of lost items, as covered by Point 5 above, the black daisy company® will investigate your claim in order to confirm that your order is indeed lost.  This will allow us to pursue a claim for compensation; and upon successful resolution, proceed to replace your item.

We endeavour to supply exchanges or complete repairs within 21 days of receipt.

Please note:  Time scales may vary for customers outside the United Kingdom.  

If you have any concerns, feel fee to contact us directly: ++44 (0) 7425 15 63 42.


Full payment is taken immediately upon placing your order.  You will receive an immediate confirmation to the e-mail address provided on your order form, indicating your order and payment has been received by us.

You will be charged in Pounds Sterling.  For customers outside the UK, currency fluctuations will affect the amount actually charged on your account. The currency will be converted according to applicable rates on the date of receipt of your order.  Where applicable, you must comply with all legislation, prohibitions and regulations in respect of obtaining customs/import permissions and payment of duties when ordering from our website.  We make no representation and accept no liability with regard to the export/import of your purchases.  All prices indicated are inclusive of VAT in the United Kingdom.


If you are an existing customer, and have given us permission to do so, we may occasionally send you information on new collectables and events.  Your details will be kept for our sole use and will not be passed on to any third party.  If you do not wish to continue to receive such email notifications, you may simply write to us via email to cancel this information service.


Unless you have given your express permission, the black daisy company® does not hold any personal information about you, other than for the purpose of dispatching your individual order.  All payments are managed by PAYPAL via a secure payment system, which is not visible to us directly.  Monies are received and refunded discretely and without compromise to your personal profile, and once complete, we do not hold any archive data. You can elect to save your payment profile via PAYPAL for future purchases and this is managed by you directly.


Our hand finished products are presented in polished 925 Sterling Silver.  In due course, our collections will also be available in Gold, Platinum or Palladium, by special request.  In such instance, prices will be quoted individually.   

All stones are natural (ie not colour enhanced) and reputably sourced.  Due to their nature, colour variations will exist within individual groups of stones.  Care is taken to select specific colours to adhere as closely as possible to those presented and illustrated on our website. Please note that some gemstones are sensitive to certain light conditions and can fade in extreme exposure.


We recommend you keep your jewellery items in their original box to minimise surface scratches by contact with other jewellery items and to reduce the level of exposure to oxidisation.  Tarnishing can occur after a long period of disuse, but you can easily restore the shine by simply using an appropriate and recommended non-abrasive polishing cloth suitable for use on the type of metal (gold/silver) from which your jewellery is made.    

With gem set items, care should be taken not to expose these to chemical contamination or erosion. Always remove jewellery when swimming/bathing or using chemical cleaning agents or aerosol sprays.

the black daisy company® accepts no liability for deliberate or accidental misuse or mishandling of their products.


All our products bear the unique bdcSponsor’s Mark and the Assay Office London Hallmark.  This provides you with a guarantee of quality (eg 925 Sterling Silver, 750 Gold, 950 Platinum, 999 Palladium).  Where appropriate, our products will also carry the unique black daisy logo branding symbol and/or disc.


All of the products featured in our website are unique and original designs and can only be purchased directly on-line from www.theblackdaisycompany.com  

If you find a similar product on the high street or via any other website it is NOT a genuine black daisy article.

The incredible threadables concept holds “Patent Applied For” status.  


All artwork, graphics, imagery, text, photographs, trademarks, logos, designs and products featured in this website are the Intellectual Property of the black daisy company®   and are protected by Copyright and Design Registration.    It is an infringement of these rights to copy, reproduce, imitate or adapt any of these registered designs, and we will vigorously protect our Intellectual Property.



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