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“We are the essence and the sum of all our experiences.  What we give and what we receive constitute fragments of our story.  These vital elements are pieced together, forming something magnificent, which we entrust to the ones we love.”


In 2004 a special little girl was entrusted to me, bringing with her an overwhelming sense of presence and existence – and her aura inspired me to create an heirloom gift which would remain and continue …… into her future.


represents the nurturing of tradition; a fresh approach to jewellery, where all the designs are exclusive, original creations; hand crafted and presented as unique keepsake collectables.

We are simply creating and investing in heirlooms that can be given to the ones we love, or received from the ones who love us.

Ssshh!  We are quietly

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for the special girl in your life ….

Available to purchase exclusively on-line at

Available to purchase exclusively on-line at


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